Transport and collection

Delivery of orders is made with the following courier companies:

1. Fan Courier if:

  • • the payment is refunded regardless of weight
  • • regardless of the payment method and the package weighs less than 100 kg


2. Gebruder Weiss if:

  • • requires manual confirmation of the transport cost depending on the weight and destination
  • • the payment was made online or by payment order and the package exceeds 100 kg up to 1000 kg


The transport cost is 22 lei for the first kg, the cost will increase by 1.3 lei per/kg

The orders are collected in the following way:

1. Online collection applies to all types of packages after the automatic calculation of the transport cost by Fan courier.

2. Collection by payment order (PO) applies to larger packages for which a payment invoice was issued.

3. Cash on delivery applies to packages up to 100 kg that have been confirmed by phone.


All orders are confirmed by phone or email before loading